Our latest collaboration of work within the last few months. 

ISO FIT - We were approached by the creative team at FUEL to produce a 3D product video for their client, ISO FIT; a new helmet fitting technology. Collaborating with the team at FUEL and paralleling with the new marketing materials, we produced 3D product video that explains the differences between ISO FIT's new technology versus other helmet fitting systems in the market. The production process included modeling and texturing the product from CAD files, motion design and animation of the technology. 

Design 01

Design 02

IQCIO, a start-up, Robo Advisory firm contacted us to develop their brand anthem. Along with their brand anthem video, we produced a variety of motion elements for their website, www.iqcio.com. 

Design 01

Design 02

Design 03

Design 04

Green Cloud Technology - Collaborating with Kathleen Scott Creative, we produced a motion graphics video that was broadcasted at the 2017 Green Cloud Summit, 'Ready. Set. Grow.'. This video was the kickoff to the general sessions of the conference. Finished video and original presented design boards are shown below. 

Wofford Terriers


Diageo Reserve Intros

The American Conference, Graphics Package

Old Spice 'So Smooth' Promotion Videos

Peace Center - We were honored to partner with the Peace Center  in producing their 2017/2018 Broadway Season Reveal video. Once the design was approved, we were asked to produce a sizzle video for their community involvement and are currently working on a :30 TV spot that will air in the next few weeks. 

Design 01

Design 02

Design 3

Misc Design Options

2017 SC Comicon - We had lots of fun producing this promo for SC Comicon and Borderlands....probably more excited that we found Barb! 

Photoelectric Self Promotion Ads in the SC Comicon event program. 2017 - 2014


Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials - We were approached by our friends at Farmer Brown to design boards for the show, Super Bowl's Greatest Commercial. This designed was approved, produced and broadcasted a few days before the big game. Creative Notes: The open takes place in a modified corral. There are screens all over that the camera will pan to in quick movements working it’s way from bottom to top and outside to inside. The resolve would be at the top of the corral where the logo is revealed from inside a mechanical barrel. 

Click here to preview the fully produced show: http://www.cbs.com/superbowl/commercials/video/

VisitGreenvilleSC, '52 Places' - We are really proud of our hometown, Greenville, SC; and were beyond excited when VisitGreenvilleSC asked us to produce a video about their 2016 media moments. This video was also their announcement to the 2017 New York Times post, '52 best places to visit in the WORLD', with Greenville SC hitting #8 on the list. We presented two designs and we went with design 02 for the final video. 

Design 01

Design 02

Hubbell Lighting, Case Study 'Karl Chevy' - We were approached by Hubbell to design and produce a video case study of their recent customer experience, The Karl Chevy Dealership. Their goal was to use the video at trade shows and aid sales representatives in product overviews, specifically before and after. Here are the initial designs and final video. Client provided drone footage and script. 

Rice Bowls, 'Lazaro' - We were approached by the creative team at Rice Bowls to produce a motion title and segments for their edited story of 'Lazaro', a true story of one boy's journey from street kid to cowboy, starring the children and staff of Rice Bowls' partner home, GSCH. Here's our initial designs and the fully produced video. 

Richmond Folk Festival - In collaboration with the Vance Agency, we produced a behind-the-scenes video to tell the story on what makes the Richmond Folk Festival so awesome. This video captures #RVA at its best. This event was truly awesome and we were privileged to capture it...even when we were standing in the pouring rain!!

World's Funniest Animal Commercials - Farmer Brown asked us to produce a set of designs for the 2017 Season of World's Funniest Animal Commercials, premiering on Animal Planet. Of course we said yes!! We love animals and who doesn't love Terry Crews! 

Creative Notes: Taking cues from zoological identification charts, this design makes use of animal silhouettes as mattes for footage, showcasing clips from commercials featured in the countdown.  Using camera dollies and cuts, the camera ultimately pulls back revealing a collage of clips within silhouettes as the backplate for the logo.

AAF Greenville, 2017 AA Awards - We are big supporters of the American Advertising Association, especially the local organization in Greenville, SC. For the  2017 AAF Awards, AAF Greenville asked us to produce their gala intro. Their theme was, The Golden Age of Hollywood. Congratulations to all the winners and to AAF Greenville for producing a great awards show!