Design Frames

The animation begins with the blank painted wall.  Slowly, pieces of the wall begin to rotate, revealing Avant brand colors and hinting at the as yet unrevealed logo. [see motion test]  Text appears as the blocks continue to move.  The animation continues in this way in using various techniques (larger pieces shuffle, push in and out, etc).  The last piece of text is revealed on a solid color wall.  Water begins to run down the wall over the text.  Eventually the bricks crumble down revealing running water.  The camera pulls back from what is now seen to be the waterfall on the building itself.  The building lives in full color in a minimal monochromatic environment, allowing the structure to take center stage.  Supporting type elements animate in as the camera moves around the building, calling out key features.  The piece ends in much the same way it began, as parts of the wall animate back in, now revealing the full Avant logo. 

Motion Test

Animatic Preview

Building Animatic

Mapping Intro

Building Animatic

Notes: Around 11 seconds, there's a bump when the camera wraps around. The interior parking area will be lighter & we are killing the transparency in the car.

Preview 01 with Mapping Intro, Building & Close

Note: This version does not have SFX/Audio. Also, we are still working on environment and smoothing out moves, etc. 

Final Animation w/Audio

Final Animation w/Audio - Revised

Live video during the event.